Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Set-Back

Ammon had a little set-back this past weekend. On Saturday night, as Todd was getting Ammon ready for bed (Todd is our night nurse), he called us in to look at Ammon's left leg. About 3" above his knee redness began and it was swollen twice it size all the way down to his very purple foot. Todd told us this looked like cellulitis and we needed to get him to a hospital right away. I really didn't want to go to another hospital and he had to convince me that it was very serious. So I decided to go to Mt. View Hospital in Payson and have them assess the issue. I figured they would send us to PCMC if they felt it was needed.
He does, indeed, have cellulitis. They gave us an option - admit him or put an IV in and have us come back every 8 hours for an antibiotic injection. I chose to go back every 8 hours, which proved to be harder than I thought - there isn't a whole lot of time in between those 8 hours, believe it or not.
We took the IV out at home last night after having been to see Dr. Valdez. He put him on a different, powerful oral antibiotic. Because Ammon doesn't have any feeling in his leg, he seemed to feel fine. He even insisted on going to church to pass the sacrament after having only about 5 hours of sleep. (I slept through most of the talks because I only got 4 hours!)
He missed school yesterday but has gone today. The leg looks better above the knee, but it's rock hard below the knee and the foot still goes a little purple. We have to keep a close watch on it because this is very dangerous for a normal, healthy person. We're hoping that the swelling goes down throughout the week and he's back to normal.
It seems like we take one giant leap forward and about 55 baby steps backward.
If there was to be a blessing in any of this, it is the fact that Todd was there to see the leg and to realize the dangerous situation. I probably would have waited until Monday to see the doctor due to my intense dislike of hospitals. I am positive (!) that Ammon has more than one guardian angel looking over him.


Krista said...

Indeed it does seem like one thing to the next. I don't blame you for wanting to avoid another hospital. Ammon is so amazing that he still wants to go forward with his responsibilities at church and school.

debbie may said...

Ammon & Chris -

What would I do without this blog to hear about everything? And here I was at church with you both and I didn't know A THING! You guys just plug along like everything is hunky-dorey - that's naughty, naughty! Even if you think there is nothing we can do to help, we can always pray, you know! Maybe that's one of the reasons things keep going back 55 baby steps - just so those around you can receive the blessings of learning from you, Ammon & having the chance to pray with greater faith!

Ammon - don't every forget who you were named after. Ammon in the Book of Mormon was a great prophet, but even with all he went thru with defending the king's herd of sheep I doubt he went thru as much pain and torment with his body (do you know what torment means - it's like torture - does that make sense?) We love you and I LOVE seeing you at church passing the sacrament!

Hang in there Chris! DEBBIE & the MAY family