Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ammon's Buddy

Here is Ammon with Todd Killian, the nurse that takes care of Ammon at night. Todd's wife is a teacher at Mt. Loafer and Ammon knew who she was. We owe a lot to Todd because he was the one that caught the cellulitis and told us to get Ammon to the hospital. (I would have waited to see the doctor on Monday rather than going to the ER on a Saturday night.) These two guys get along pretty well. Todd threatens to give Ammon a cold shower and Ammon threatens to get him back some way.
It has been wonderful to have Todd here because on the nights he is here, I use ear plugs and go to sleep. I can't hear Dad snore and I can't hear the alarms go off. We actually get some good sleep.
Anyway, here's Todd. On Saturday Ammon gets to go to the Draper Temple openhouse. We are so excited to go. Kaitlin, Ammon, Dad and Mom will all be going. Our friends, Craig & Sharon Gailey are going through with us. They work as ushers and guides there. Their new house is about four blocks from the temple. After the tour, we will go to their house for dinner. Gillian has already been through and loved it. We can't wait!!

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