Monday, May 25, 2009

Graduation Pictures

Ammon looking back at me just before graduation.
The tall boy in the middle is one of Ammon's best buddeis, John Horton. He was honored because of participation in the Geography Bee.

Ammon's other best buddy, Devin Minson, is the one with the very white hair. He was honored for two races he placed in during the Hershey Track Meet.

Here are the four sixth grade classes at Foothills Elementary School.

This is just as they announced Ammon's name when he went to get his certificate.

This is the melt-down with Mrs. Minson after he came back to his seat.


Dave and Tana said...

i love all of these pictures! congratulations again ammon! so very very exciting!- tana and dave

Gayle Menlove said...

Congratulations to Ammon, what an out pouring of love!

Krista said...

How heart warming! Congrats Ammon!