Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of Elementary School!

Today, May 29, 2009 was the last day of elementary school for Ammon. This is now the first time in about 35 years that Jim and I have not had a child in elementary school. Unbelievable!
Ammon came home today and said it was a very emotional day for him. He said his aide, Mrs. Gebert, cried a lot (and the nurse agreed wtih that assessment). As Ammon was telling me about it, he began to cry again. But he made it through and he is now officially a 7th grader, going on to Jr. High next fall.
We took this photo of him this morning before he left for the bus.
Congratulations, Ammon!

Yesterday he came home as a cheesehead. One of the teachers is from Wisconsin and she thought Ammon might like this. He thinks it's pretty cool!
They had field day yesterday where they play all kinds of games outside. He had a great time. The entire week has been full of fun activities. I hope Ammon will post on his own and tell us all about the things he's done all week.


Jess and Jen said...

Wow...last day of elementary school...that's a pretty big deal, Ammon! I am sure you'll love Jr. High just as much! -Jen

Michelle said...

You will love Junior High, my boys did. It's a great next step in life. Congratulations on graduating Elementary school.

Tana said...

Ha Ha! Your a cheese head Ammon! Looks like you have had a great week! Hope you have a fun summer!

Jason said...

Don't show Daniel your cheesehead hat. He would be jealous. Dan love the Green Bay Packers.