Monday, June 1, 2009

Dog Bite

Friday afternoon, after the last day of school, my best buddy, Devin got bit by a dog. He had to get 25 stitches and it hurt. On Sunday, Dev got a fever and his mother took him back in to see the doctor because he now has cellutis. Mom visited him today and took this picture. It looks like it hurts really bad.
I will miss you, Devin. Get better.


Jess and Jen said...

Dang dogs. That's not a pretty wound. I hope Devin recovers quickly. -Jess

Tana said...

OUCH! That looks like it hurts a lot! I hope Devin gets better soon!

Lokodi said...

wow. I can't believe that. Poor Devin. I hope he feels better soon. What kind of dog was that? Half beast?


chelsey said...

Ouch! That looks awful! I hope Devin gets feeling better soon and has a good recovery. Didn't you have cellutis or something like that too?

Ammon said...

yes i did

grams said...

Sorry about your friend, Ammon. Hope you are having a great summer vacation. Maybe I'll see you in July. Judy

Keri said...

Dev is doing much better now! He got the stitiches taken out and the infection is about gone! It still looks pretty yucky, but it doesn't hurt too much anymore. He was a little sad to miss Scout Camp this week, though. It would have been his first one! He had to stay home so that it didn't get dirty.
How is Summer School going? Are you doing your best writing? I hope so!!!!! I would be sorry to hear if you were being a slacker..:~)
We miss you, buddy!
I think we need to go to a movie or something!
Love you,
Mrs. Minson