Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He's Awake!

The tube is out and he is awake! Last night they successfully extubated Ammon. Everything looks super and he is donig very well. He will move out of PICU some time today. He is smiling from ear to ear today. He's still a bit groggy. Dr. Smith said it will take a couple of days for all the medication to wear off. He doesn't appear to be in any pain. Tylenlol seems to be sufficient at this point.

He is on room air so he doesn't need supplemental oxygen and his blood gases were perfect today. The blood gas levels are one of the reasons he was put on a ventilator so we are watching those very carefully. All things are good today. He is soooo happy!


Gillian said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! My buddy is so brave! I cant wait to see him tonight!!! I love you Ammon! I am so proud that you made it through. You are the BEST!

chelsey said...

Whoo HOoo!!

Mrs. Gebert said...

Hey Ammon! Glad you're doing better! I'm watching your blog to see how you are! I miss not working with you at school this year! Great news to get that trach out!
Take care!
Love Mrs. Gebert

ty and ash said...

Hi Ammon.. I am so happy to read that you are awake, doing better, and that that darn tube is out of there! You are such a great example of strength! I miss you and your family and pray for you all the time. Our baby boy is here so I am taking a break from work right now.. It's so fun to be at home with him! I hope you continue to recover quickly so you can go home soon!!

ty and ash said...

-Ashlee Haskell

debbie may said...


It sounds like all of our prayers are being answered, Ammon. Of course with faith like yours, just as Ammon from the Book of Mormon, how could they not be, right?

I can hardly wait to see you without that stinkin' tube in your neck - what a day to celebrate when you get home!

Just like this song, "Let me Go Home," by Michael Buble' on your blog - I'm sure that is how you are feeling!

Love, The May family

grams said...

It's now Thursday. I hope by now you are talking and everything is A-OK.