Friday, September 4, 2009

Back at the Hospital

Yesterday about 11:00 a.m. Jim noticed that Ammon appeared to be really sick. Jim had been working with Ammon throughout the morning and hadn't noticed anything unusual. I had cathed and fed Ammon before I went to work and he seemed ok - not fine but ok. As the day progressed, Jim became more and more alarmed because he wasn't able to get any urine out of him. He fed him the usual amount but couldn't get anywhere the near amount of urine.

By the time I got home, I took one look at Ammon and felt great worry. We quickly called Steve Linford and asked him to come and help give Ammon a blessing and then we took off. I had to work an hour overtime last night so I didn't get home until about 6:45. Jim had contacted the urilogy department and Dr. Smith. They instructed us to get him to the ER.

The shortest time we've ever been able to get through the ER has been 5 hours. We got up there at about 8:45 and Ammon got into a regular room at about 3:00 a.m. I came home, arriving at about 3:15. It was, as Jess said, a very long night.

The only thing we know at this point is that Ammon has a massive UTI. He should never have been sent home without treating it. I didn't pick up on it because things looked normal. Apparently his urine was never tested while he was up there. We don't know for sure whether this can cause what's happening but he is one very sick boy. Instead of manifesting a fever, his body went the other direction - his temperature was below normal and I couldn't get him warm. He was cold, clammy, fairly non-responsive and his tummy hurts, being distended. There's a possiblity that there is a tear in his bladder but they think that is unlikely. I'm sure Ammon will go through more tests today. They started him on an IV antibiotic and Jim said this morning that Ammon was talking and seemed a little better. He might have been a little dehydrated although he was getting usual volumes of liquid.

The long and short of it right now is that he is sick, sick, sick and he's back in the hospital. You can reach us at room 3041 (medical floor). The main hospital phone # is 801-662-1000. I don't think you will need a code for this room. If you do, I will post it later this afternoon.

I plan to go to work this morning for a while (emergencies all over the place there) and will then go up to the hospital for the weekend and Jim will come home.

Today I'm really mad that we don't have a cell phone!!!!!

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grams said...

Ammon, you must be a brave guy to go through all this "stuff" here on earth. We think of you every day. Tana's brothers are going to spend the night with us on the way to BYU-Idaho. Hope you are much better by the time you read this. Judy