Friday, September 4, 2009

Mystery Diagnosis

Well, we still aren't sure what's the root of the problems Ammon has. Some things have been eliminated and those were some worrisome things. This afternoon they did a cystogram (dye in the bladder) to see if there was a tear or leak in the bladder. There is no leak and that is good. However, they put in about 600 ml of dye and it still has not drained out. Where does it go? Why doesn't it drain? We are waiting for the urologists to make an appearance to see if they can figure out what's going on. We do know that his bladder is distended and so is his bowel. He sounds rattly and you can feel the rattles in the upper part of his chest but his lungs look great from the x-rays. He is in some pain and so it hurts for him to give a good clear cough to clear the rattles. Our worry is pneumonia unless the pain subsides. The surgical team will be coming up to see if they have any little tricks up their sleeve to get things moving.

This is probably due to an ileitis of some kind that happens after surgery. The ENT, Dr. Smith has been in to see Ammon and is on board for his future care. Dr. Pfeffer will be called if necessary to deal with lung issues.

He sounds a little better and his temperature is somewhat better. He's still not real interactive and responsive. They are going to give him a little bit of morphine to get him to sleep and to relieve the pain. He is not supposed to have any kind of feeds through his stomach right now. They are draining all kinds of ugly stuff out of the stomach so they can't give him Tylenlol. Right now he's a complicated little kid but it probably has to do with feeding him full feeds too soon and the flushing of the bowels that was a little too hard on his body. But how do you not do those things? So many questions. I hope we can get it all sorted out quickly.


grams said...

When he gets all over this crisis, you will have to get him on the TV show, Mystery Diagnois. I just feel so bad. Love you all.

chelsey said...

Geez! I hope this all gets figured out soon. Hang in there!

Tana said...

Man oh man...if its not one thing its something else! Hospitals do that to people...Hopefully he can get out of there soon! Love you all!

debbie may said...

Chris and Ammon -

We'll be fasting for you guys - as if Ammon hasn't dealt with enough "stuff" this last year. It's time that he get a respite so he can feel normal and good again!

The Mays