Monday, September 7, 2009

What the ?????!!!

We need Dr. Valdez to get up here and help us solve a few things - :) Where are you, doctor?

Ammon's lungs are doing a lot better. I think we've escaped the pneumonia scare but his stomach, bladder and bowels are still a big question mark. They were going to start Pedialyte this morning but his stomach had a big explosion around his g-tube and when we vented it, I didn't like what I saw coming out. I have requested that they bring the pediatrician back - find him somewhere and have them do a swab or test or something to see what's in his stomach. His belly area is very distended again today. He doesn't seem to be too uncomfortable but I'm confused about what's going on. Urine output is minimal. We need to find the urologists, too.

It's not over yet. But the good things are that his lungs sound good, his oxygen sats are doing much better today and he's talking up a storm. We have almost reclaimed our missing kid. His personality is beginning to blossom again. I don't know how he does it! I don't know how he puts up with all the garbage with such a pleasant, "thankful" attitude. He is always grateful for those that stick, poke and hurt him. Just now he had to get a new IV - it's his 6th since coming here on the 27th of July. It's his fourth this week. The IVs go bad - they can't function any longer so they have to re-stick him. This has been his most hated event of every hospital stay. He hasn't cried one tear or made one complaint this time.

How much prouder can somebody be than I am of him?? He has such a strong character in every situation. His Dad is definitely proud of him, too.


Jess and Jen said...

Ammon, I'm glad we got to see you yesterday! Hopefully they'll figure out how to fix you up and get you out of the hospital soon! I'm glad you like the movie! -Jen

Team Clark said...

Glad he's doing better and that he's hanging in there.
We love the updates - please keep them coming!

debbie may said...

Hey - now you know that prayers and fasting from your Elk Ridge ward are helping! And brother Caine mentioned you, Ammon in his opening prayer yesterday in sacrament meeting! So it's great news you are breathing better!

We'll keep our prayers coming! Remember we love you all!
The May family

debbie may said...

I forgot to say that we wanted to come and visit you all at the hospital yesterday, but Ryan was sick and we didn't want to give you any more germs - we don't know what he had - a bad sore throat and yucky, stuffy nose - but he's feeling better now. Maybe allergies - but we didn't want to take the chance!

Debbie May