Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home ... But for How Long?

Jim brought Ammon home tonight. I was so excited to see him and I think he was excited to see me. A friend sent a bunch of wrapped presents home with me and he tore into them to see what he got. He then said, "Look on the bright side." I said, "Bright side? Dude, you just made a haul, what more of a bright side do you need?" He said, "My birthday hasn't come yet!" What a greedy little kid he is.

About 15 minutes after I got home, Jim told me that it looks like his stomach isn't emptying. So I went in to look and sure enough, his stomach is distended about twice its normal size. We can't feed him right now until we figure out what to do. So if we can get through the night without major trouble, we will take him in to see Dr. Valdez first thing in the morning and see what they think we ought to do. Maybe we'll end up seeing the GI specialists after all. They had fed him twice at the hospital the way we do and he seemed to tolerate everything just fine. So they released him. We're just about where we were a week ago. I feel so badly for this kid! We thought things were finally working better. We're not sure now. DARN!


Jess and Jen said...

Goodness, Ammon! I sure wish you could just get better! -Jen

Dave and Tana said...

Welcome home Ammon! I hope you stomach stops protesting food! Love ya!