Sunday, October 11, 2009

All In Favor Say Eye

All in favor of letting Ammon have surgery tomorrow to insert his new shunt say "Eye." Actually, his left eye is nearly normal this morning. We were pretty excited to see him back to normal. The neurosurgeons came in this morning and said that the problem was what they suspected - too much CSF in the ventricles because they weren't draining it quickly enough. Now they know a little better the size of the shunt they need to use when the put in a new one. So, surgery is still on schedule for tomorrow morning. If things go well, he could possibly come home by Wednesday. He is sooo excited to get that drain out of his head because it pulls on his hair. Being able to get into his wheelchair was a big step for him. He has played on the computer, watched a DVD, gone for a walk and generally is happier in his chair than in the bed. I don't blame him one little bit.
Because I couldn't take him to church with me, we had some Elders from a U of U branch come up here. They blessed and passed the sacrament to Ammon and, because they found out Ammon is still a deacon, they let him pass the sacrament to me. Two young women from the branch came and gave him a lesson about forgiveness. The teacher asked him if he ever found it difficult to forgive somebody. Ammon thought for a minute and then shook his head. He said something quite profound. He said, "No, I can just let it go. I leave it up to them to work it out." I learned a lot right then. I don't think Ammon has ever had reason to forgive someone and I don't think anyone has ever had reason to forgive him. What a legacy to leave in this world.
It has been a nice, hopeful day filled with the Spirit of peace.


Gillian said...

Yay Ammon, I am so proud of you for holding out for so long! I am sorry we havent been able to come up more often. I love you, and you are such an example to me. I hope you know that. You are my perfect little angel!


Jess and Jen said...

Oh Ammon, you're a good kid! I'm so glad we got to see you yesterday, especially since you might be going home soon! We'll cross our fingers and say our prayers for everything to go well so you can go home SOON! -Jen

Keri said...

Gosh, I hope you get to come home soon, Ammon!! Good Luck tomorrow!

chelsey said...

What a great example you are of pure forgiveness. Thanks bud!

Jess and Jen said...

Eye. I'm in favor. Hope surgery goes well today! -Jester

Anonymous said...

HI Ammon!

Happy Belated Birthday! When Adrianne was here in MWC she spoke often of you. So I feel as if I know you. I heard about your operation, and my family's prayers are with you. We hope all goes well!

Sister Longoria

grams said...

Hi Ammon, it's Monday in NE and so I have been thinking of you all day and hoping the shut business is all finished. We are sending you lots of love from cold NE. It snowed here on Sat. I didn't go out and make a snow man but someone in Lincoln made a pumkin snowman and dyed it orange with a green stem. It was way funny. Take care, Judy