Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update on Weird Eyes

Ammon wanted to say hi to everybody. In the top photo you don't notice the problem with the eyes too greatly, but in the bottom photo, you can see that his left eye doesn't move beyond mid-line when he's trying to look to the right.
We haven't heard anything official about the MRI yet but the neurosurgeon fellow came in and said it looks like the syrnix (top of brain stem, I think) is inflammed possibly caused by too much cerebral spinal in the ventricles of the brain. Dr. Reva-Cambra, the neurosurgeon that is scheduled to do the surgery on Monday morning has been in to see Ammon. The neurologists also came in and did an assessment of Ammon. They are only surmising at this point until the radiologist has the report finished. The doctors decided that they probably weren't draining enough fluid from the ventricles and so he thinks that is creating pressure on this area of Ammon's optic nerves. They are now draining out a lot more to see if this alleviates some of the pressure.
Ammon has had a much better day today. He has been able to sit in his wheelchair for a couple of hours. We have played games, watched a movie, looked at books, visited with his school teacher, Wendy Stoker and with Marci Ellett as well. They have both cheered him up immensely. He will get back in his wheelchair in an hour or so. He loves (!) being in that chair. It's good mental therapy.
I was just told that PCMC has implemented a new rule starting on Monday. No child under the age of 14 is allowed in the hospital (except the patients, of course). They are trying to keep the kids safe from germs here and keep the patients safe from germs brought in by little ones. They are also only allowing two visitors at a time in the rooms. Good thing we did the birthday party when we did! This has already been implemented at UVRMC. I can't imagine this place without thousands of little siblings roaming all over.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ammon!
Good luck on your surgery Monday, we are all cheering you on! We are glad Wendy came and saw you to help cheer you up! I love your weird eyes picture! Your so cute, and we miss you lots!
-Ms. Tracy & Kari Ann

chelsey said...

hey Ammon,
the pugh family says hi.
jake especially says hi.
~ love sarah,
ps we are thinking of you!