Friday, October 2, 2009


The surgery was finished about 10:30 p.m. and it was what they suspected: a hole in the bladder at the bottom back part where the augmented tissue had been added several years ago. The mass of stuff they could see ended up being all the mucus mess that had come out of the bladder and so it was so thick it wouldn't drain. Dr. Cartwright said Ammon did exceptionally well but they will still put him in the PICU overnight just to make sure he does well. I don't think they will extubate him tonight, either, so that will upset Ammon. However, things have been cleaned out and now he can really heal. He has a couple of tubes hanging out of his abdominal wall, the EVD hanging out of his head, a pic line, an art line and now another IV. He's a pin cushion!

They don't think this was connected to the trach surgery - it was maybe exacerbated by the distension of the bowels, but as far as they know, these were separate issues. We all feel better about his full recovery now. He will still have to be in the hospital for another three weeks because it takes that long to be sure he is free of infection before they insert a new shunt. I do believe we will be able to have his birthday party here in the room (2031) on Monday as planned. You are all invited!

Dad is now on his way home. I hope he can get home without an accident because it's late. I will be with Ammon until I know he is comfortable and sleeping. He is still in the recovery room and they haven't called me yet to go see him. Then I will come back in this room and sleep (thank heavens).

Things are looking up!


Jess and Jen said...

Hooray! We're glad that Ammon is on the road to recovery!

Mike said...

I'm so glad things went so well. Now maybe he can heal and go home to school and his friends, and family of course.

We love you Ammon!

chelsey said...

Whew! I'm glad he's all fixed up and on the mend now. Keep getting better fast Ammon, so you can get home! We're glad things went well.

Team Clark said...

Oh, hooray! That's great news. Way to go, Ammon!