Friday, October 9, 2009

Into the Woods

Ammon is still in the woods - pretty deeply at the moment. I hadn't seen him since Monday night, much to my sadness. Jim has been staying with Ammon all week except one night. It's my turn now during the weekend. Jim called me this morning after he got home (he had a doctor's appointment and had to come home for that) and said that he was very concerned because Ammon was sleeping a lot and it seemed like he was literally depressed. I figured my job this weekend would be to make Ammon happy. When I got here, however, I was scared out of my wits because Ammon's left eye won't track with the right eye. His smile is lopsided as well. It doesn't look like a stroke, but there's something definitely not normal or right. I talked to the nurse and she got the Neurosurgeon to look at Ammon. They took him down for a CT scan looking for a possible abscess or infection in the brain. The CT scan didn't show anything alarming so they will do an MRI tomorrow morning, looking for possible deposits of blood around the area that controls the eyes. Ammon is very tired all the time and is very lethargic. This comes at a bad time - he was scheduled for surgery Monday morning to re-insert the shunt. It might still happen, but we're not sure now.

We will have to wait for tomorrow to see if any new developments have arisen.


Mike and Adrianne said...

We love you Ammon. Please get better. I wish I was there to see you, because I miss you and it makes me so sad to know you are having to go through all this.

chelsey said...

Crazy crazy! I hope Ammon catches a break soon! Hang in there bud and keep your chin up! We love you!!

The Duke said...

Neurosurgeon just came in - what happens will depend on the MRI. They definitely see that something isn't normal. They will look at the brain stem area today. Scary.

Surgery will remain scheduled for 7:30 Monday morning but they will cancel at the last minute if they need to do that.

Remember the guy in the movie "Mr. Deeds" that had those weird eyes? Well, this reminds me of him. It's not as weird but odd enough.