Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have started a project collecting pop tabs. I have been collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Our school interviewed Mom and I about the recycling project for the tabs and decided we wanted our school to do it. So Friday I came home with a bunch of tabs and we will be doing this for the rest of the school year. It's a really fun project, so let me in conclusion say this: "Pop the top, make the drop."

(This is Mom now.) We've been collecting these pop tabs for about two years. When I found out that the Ronald McDonald House recyles these, I decided that it is one small way that we could pay back a great organization. Our personal donations were small, kind of like the widow's mite, but it feels very good to be part of something like this. The pop tabs are pure aluminum so they bring in more money than the cans do and they are less bulky. Ammon decided to ask his class if they would like to particpate. We got a few small bags and then about a month later his teacher, Mrs. Stoker, asked if we would care if the whole school got invovled. We were really excited! Within two weeks, they collected the two 3 gallon tubs shown above. We hope that this continues for the rest of Ammon's school life in any school where he goes. It is a great way for him to learn to speak up and explain to others what it's all about and it's good for him to be part of something really good.


chelsey said...

Way to go! That's great! You should look into somewhere like 7 Peaks to get a "Drop the Top" bucket set up during the summer months. This might make a great scout project for you too!

Tana said...

That is a lot of pop tops! What a great thing to do. Our ward made some braclets and stuffed animals for the Ronald McDonald house this week. It is a great organization!

Jess and Jen said...

Wow Ammon, that is a lot of pop tabs! I'm glad that you got your school involved in such a great project! -Jen