Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Katy Graduates

Ammon attended Kaitlin's graduation. He is sad to know that she will be leaving home in August, but he was proud of her and happy that she could graduate. (Below, Kaitlin, Ammon and Ammon's niece Leah who turned 5 today!)
Ammon and this sweet lady named Helen sat by each other in the wheelchair spots. She was so cute with Ammon that I kept watching them throughout the ceremony. This lady told me that she thought Ammon was beautiful and she was sure she would meet him again someday in another life.
Graduation ceremonies are long and boring - for the most part. Once the paragliders and gun salutes were over, it was time for the sun to soothe a sleepy Ammon. He fell to sleep for a short time. I wanted to join him. The sun felt so good and it was so nice outside that nothing else mattered!

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