Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bubbles & More Bubbles

One of the first times I took Ammon to the Spina Bifida Clinic when he was a tiny baby, I saw a mother there that was kind of freaking out because her youngster just learned to pull himself up two stairs to get to a play area. At the time I couldn't figure out what the big deal was, but I soon learned. Everything these kids learn that is new becomes a big deal.

This afternoon I took the kids out to blow bubbles. They soon decided it was more fun to chase the bubbles than to blow them. Ammon has never been able to blow bubbles. His teeth get in the way, he blows too hard and he can't seem to form his lips into a circle. I didn't want him to feel left out so I gave him a bottle and then went to get my camera. All of a sudden I looked over at Ammon and he was going crazy with the bubbles! He learned how to blow them. The girls were chasing them all over the yard.

Is this a big deal? No - he should have known how to do this years ago but he couldn't figure it out. Today he got it. He kept doing it over and over again. In fact, he used one half of a bottle. Even after the girls were tired of doing it, he kept it up. His shorts were soaked in bubble stuff. His wheelchair was soaked but he was happy!

It's incredible that he can do this. I understand how that mom felt when she saw her child learn to do something new that seemed so mundane and usual to me. Good for Ammon. He is now the family's official bubble blower whenever we have a party.


Jess and Jen said...

Way to go, Ammon. Glad you took care of my girls today! -Jess

LanceandNance said...

Nice bubble blowing skills Ammon! You'll have to come blow some bubbles for John some time. He would love it.


Dave and Tana said...

amster you are such a balla shot calla

Mike and Adrianne said...

Awesome! I get tired of blowing bubbles for the boys so you can come blow them for me!

Michelle said...

This is fabulous! Great job on all the bubble blowing. I will get some bubbles on hand so you can show us all when you get here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ammon!
Bubbles are awesome!!! I love to blow bubbles too!! It is so incredible when you learn something new! Especially something that will bring lots of happiness to your little nieces and nephews! I am sure you are their hero!!
Love ya, Mrs Gebert

Anonymous said...

Hi again Ammon, I saw a news report tonight and thought of you and how excited you get when you find out about someone else who has spina bifida. You'll like this story.
go to:

Love ya, Mrs. Gebert

Krista said...

We feel the same with our little Jenna--if she can blow out the candles (after about 10 tires) on her birthday cake we are over the moon! And she has to concentrate so hard to blow one bubble too! Oh the joy to see them accomplish something we didn't anticipate!