Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Talk

I got to speak in church today. They asked me to talk about Joseph Smith (since today is the day he died in 1844) and the priesthood. I like to talk in church. It doesn't make me nervous at all. Here is my talk:

"Last week I had the opportunity to visit Nauvoo, Illinois with my family. I got to see the temple and part of the city Joseph Smith built. It was fantastic!

In the visitor’s center, I saw a statue of Joseph kneeling before Jesus and Heavenly Father representing the vision in the Sacred Grove. I am very grateful for all that Joseph Smith did to restore the gospel in its fullness.

Because the priesthood was restored on earth, I have been personally blessed in several ways. My father and brothers hold the priesthood and they have participated in giving me a blessing when I was given a name as a new baby, when I was baptized, and when I was given the priesthood myself.

I have been given many, many blessings for my health by different worthy men who hold the priesthood. I am very grateful for those blessings which have saved my life.

Because I hold the Aaronic Priesthood, I am able to serve others by passing the sacrament (which I really like to do) and I now get to be a home teacher. My dad is my companion. I love to go home teaching and I love the families we visit.

Holding the priesthood gives us many opportunities to serve. I look forward to being able to bless the sacrament some day. I look forward to being worthy enough to give blessings by the laying on of hands to someone in need someday.

I am very grateful for Joseph Smith and how he helped restore the Priesthood. I know he was a true prophet. I know President Monson is a true prophet, too. I am thankful for the Bishop and how he encourages me. I am thankful for my priesthood quorum leaders and the good examples they are to me. I am thankful for my parents and all those who help and love me.
I know Heavenly Father is real. I know the church is true.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."


Dave and Tana said...

Great talk Ammon! I really enjoyed reading it!

Jess and Jen said...

I wish I could see the Nauvoo Temple some day. Glad you got to go and it sounds like it was a great talk. -Jess

Michelle said...

Great talk Ammon.