Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wheelchair Buddies

Last Sunday the doorbell rang - when we opened the door, there were three Weakly famly members in wheelchairs. Their grandpa gave them wheelchairs for Christmas as a gift. They moved to the top of our street a few months ago and occasionally we see them flying down the street in a race. We invited them to come over and race with Ammon. So they were here and the race was on. They could go down the hill a lot faster than Ammon could, but Ammon smoked them coming back up the hill.
Johnny Weakly cheated on this trip up. Ammon gave him a free ride back.

Ammon ran his chair as fast as it would go. I think he loves to fly in that thing without restrictions.

Thanks, guys for a fun run.

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Dave and Tana said...

hahaha I didn't see this post until just now. This looks like so much fun! I would love to have a race with you. I am sure you would beat me bad though because I am afraid of going fast.. especially down a hill!