Monday, July 30, 2012


Sunday night Jim and Ammon went home teaching. When they came back home, Ammon was coming down the driveway in his manual wheelchair.  There are some cracks in the cement and one of his wheels hit a crack just the wrong way and it flipped the wheelchair forward. Ammon hit his forehead, scraped his left elbow pretty badly and broke the humorous bone at the top of his right arm.  We gave him some Tylenol and Jim gave him a blessing. He slept through the night but this morning he couldn't use his arm very well.  Jim took him to the pediatrician, Dr. Knochel. He had Jim take Ammon over to the radiation department at the hospital. Dr. Egbert read the x-ray and called Dr. Wallentine (doctor that did my knee surgery) to consult with him. The bone is broken but they cannot cast this particular site. So Ammon has his arm in a pretty big sling and it will stay there for three weeks.  No surgery will be required for which we are most grateful.  Ammon is pretty bummed out about this because he can't use the computer, can't type and can't hold a book with two hands - nor has he figured out a way yet that he can use his Kindle.  

 It's a good thing that his hospital bed can rise and we can move the bed around the room. At least he can watch TV!  I think it's going to be a very long three weeks for this kiddo.

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