Friday, July 27, 2012

New stuff

First I would like to start with an idiom I know only too well that I can't win the lottery and now I would like to tell you what I did with dad yesterday. Wednesday I went to the doctors with dad once again he and I go a clean bill of health. first we Fed and cathed me. then we took off and went to Dr Frandson to look at his infection he recommended he go to the hospital to get an ultrasound he said it looked like there was no puss on his belly then. we went home to Feed and cath me again and then we wentt to Dr Peterson  he is a great dermatologists he looked at my skin and he reommended that I put this new shamppoo that we then got at the pharmacy. and then dad took me home and He Fed and cathed me for the last time Wednesday and then put me on the potty and that was it. and now I would like to tell you about the book Walt Disney The Triumph Of the American Imagination By Neal Gabler I would higly recommend it It is interesting To the the beginning of walt to his laugh-o-grams to mickey mouse and Snow White Even to Walts death it is interesting  I recommend you go out and get it its good well goodbye until the next post this is Ammon Clark signing off

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The Duke said...

That was a lot typing for you - glad you added a post. You had a busy day on Wednesday, that's for sure.
I didn't realize your idiom was really an idiom. Hmmmm.... I'll have to use that one.