Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Day three is now here. Ammon seems to be feeling a little better today but it was a little frightening last night. Gillian and Kaitlin came up to see Ammon and to bring Dad back. The girls had a pretty hard time when they saw Ammon. It's a scary scene at first. He was very happy to see them although the smiles are few and far between. He has been very alert and talking since yesterday afternoon. He had about three hours of really good time - feeling a bit better, relieved to have the tube out, and seemed to be making great progress. His lungs were still very full of junk so they had to suction them out and he hates that. We kept trying to get him to cough the stuff out but he just couldn't. After the girls left, Ammon began to nose dive a bit. He got a pretty good fever, glazed eyes and was very short with us - that's the sign that he doesn't feel well. We decided that he needed some quiet time and so we left about 8:45. I worried about him most of the night, but when I called the nurse this morning about 6:30, she said he had a good night. His fever broke, they suctioned him out four times and he seemed to be comfortable.
Today they started feeding him a little bit and took him off the high flow oxygen. He is still on oxygen (6 liters at this point which is high), but he is doing well. He was very talkative this morning but then the orthopedic people came in and started with the weights. They attached a rope to the top of his halo and let it drape over the top of the bed and then added a 5 lb weight. Five pounds seems like an awful lot of weight to be pulling on the skull and he isn't a happy camper when it's on. I have had to take it off twice to give him a break but he has to get used to it and he doesn't like it.
Oh boy - this is going to be a long five weeks!


Mike and Adrianne said...

Five pounds pulling at his skull? That sounds awful. I wouldn't like it either. Ammon, you have to go through so much more than any of are so much tougher than us. We love you! Thank you for being such a good example. It is interesting to hear that you are short with people when you aren't feeling well. I am short with my family all the time and I'm not going through half of what you are. I will try and be better because of your example. Again, we love you.

debbie may said...

Dear AMMON, Chris & Jim -

You, Chris told me I wouldn't be able to leave any comments, but I saw the Linfords & Christensen's comments, so I hope this is OK!

Ammon - way to go! We're so glad the surgery was a success - I know the hard part isn't over yet, but that smile will take you a long way! Our whole family has been praying ever since Monday at all of our family prayers to strengthen you, help you heal & help your parents. YOU 'DUH MAN, as Garrett & Ryan would say!

Garrett also commented how hard it will be passing the sacrament for 5weeks or more without your chair around the deacon's quorum - see they already miss you in the ward!

Lots of love and prayers for all of you - Chris, I love you and am praying for you guys!

Debbie & all the MAY family

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Hi Debbie,
We don't mind at all having people comment. I just didn't know whether the program would let you or not. Thanks for your sweet comments. It really bouys our spirits when we hear from everyone.

Grandma Bean said...

Hi - just a note for the mamma from her VT to let you know we remember you and pray for you and Ammon. We are grateful things are going as well as they are. It seems an awfully big price for such a little boy- but then he has a giant of a spirit! May the Lord bless and keep you both. Please give Ammon my Love,

Deanna Bean