Friday, August 1, 2008

Ammon Anecdotes

Last night was Ammon's first night at the hospital alone. Mom had been up there about a week; then Dad came up and gave it three nights in the room with Ammon (with no bed, mind you). Both needed breaks and had other obligations back at home to deal with (like Mom's Women's Football Clinic).

So I got up early this morning and got to the hospital at 7am to hopefully be there when he woke up. Well, I woke him up when I walked in his room, but he quickly went back to sleep. Finally, at 8:30am, the nurses came in and woke him up. He slept well and claimed it was nice not hearing any snoring all night! I was there until 11am and Mom had arrived and will stay through Monday afternoon (they have no WiFi access in Shriner's so she won't be blogging every day -- hence my post).

Ammon was fun this morning and continues to flirt with his nurses. One of his nurse's aides this morning was probably 25-28 yrs. old but after she left, he asked how old he needed to be to get married. I said, "You probably ought to be at least 21 years old." He replied, " about dating?" "Well," I said, "you need to be 16. That's still over 3 years away." "Drats," he said. Of course, this nurse's aide was already married, but that didn't seem to faze him.

On his first day at Shriner's, he met his Child Life / Recreation specialists (I guess they're the folks who entertain the kids all day). They were two young ladies, again probably between 25-28 years old. After they met and chatted for a bit, they left. Ammon looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said, "Why do I keep flirting with the ladies?"

Definitely a ladies man.

One other anecdote: There's a breathing machine he uses a few times a day to encourage deep breaths to keep his lungs clear (and therefore ward off pneumonia). I guess Ammon recoginzes the importance of this and has no problem using it. During his treatment today, he told the nurse, "I'm either going to check this machine out, steal it from the hospital, or go on to eBay and buy one so I can have one at home."

I'm not even sure he's ever been on eBay before...


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Yes he does flirt. Good for him, it will do him well.

Mom told me about the breathing machine and I laughed and laughed. He is actually enjoying the hospital I think, now that he is feeling better.

Jess, thanks for your caring gesture yesterday morning. That was great.

I am a little worried, however, after seeing the pictures on the family blog of Jen at the clinic. I do not know if I would have left that early yesterday morning with that memory of Bronco in Jen's head so vivid. I guess it will fad around you soon. You are a handsome blonde headed stud, too.

Dad Clark

Mike and Adrianne said...

Ammon, you are so funny! I bet by the time you leave you will have all the nurses wrapped around your little finger.

Anonymous said...

dear ammon, dude you are so awesome and funny, i am glad to see that you are being so optimistic and happy in the hospital. glad to hear your worried about the sacrament as well, but don't worry, we are doing our best. :) see ya soon!
garrett may

chelsey said...

What a Ladies Man you are Ammon! Be careful or some lucky gal will snatch you up! Keep smiling!