Monday, August 4, 2008

Out & About

Life at Shriner's is beginning to take on a routine and Ammon usually does better with a routine than without one. I (his mother) find it extremely boring except for the part of being with Ammon and hearing his funny exchanges with everyone around him. He has charmed the entire staff. He remembers all their names and loves to talk to them.
He can get on the computer where he can actually type and look on the blog in a different area in the hospital. They set up an internet line just for him. It's over by the physical therapy room. Once I get him going, he excuses me and tells me to basically get lost. He played on the computer for about 2 hours today before I made him get off and go back to his room. We had internet access in his room, but because of the angle of his bed, even with a cool computer stand we have, he still can't type when he is in bed. We are always trying new ways and things for him to do, but he does love to sit in the wheelchair they have rigged up for him. We took a walk outside yesterday and tomorrow he will go outside to a really neat wheelchair accessible playground.
The staff wants Ammon to be up in the wheelchair as much as he can tolerate so he spends about four or five hours sitting in the chair. He now has eleven pounds attached to the halo - final goal is 20 lbs if he can tolerate it.
He goes into the play room during activity time - we made a bracelet for him and he went in again today after I left.
He always loves to have people come and visit. On Sunday the Horton family came to visit, then Lance & Nancy came and we had a lot of fun with them. After they left, Trisha Cole came. It was a fun evening.
Today Mrs. Gordon (one of his teachers) and her daughter, Annie, came to visit. He loved seeing both of them.
Again - thanks to everyone that comes to see Ammon. It breaks up the day and gives him a reason to be even happier.
I'd put photos on, but there is an internal problem with the blog today. The photos will come another day.

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