Friday, August 1, 2008


Ammon is always attached to weights to continously stretch his body. It doesn't cause him any pain, as freakish as it seems. He is now up to 10 lbs. He will have 40% of his body weight attached to his head by the time he is done - about 20 lbs.

Ammon is just "hanging" out at Shriners now. We are working into a routine of some kind. Dad stayed with Ammon for three days and now I am up here until Monday and learning how they do things at this place. He is now supposed to be sitting in a wheelchair several hours a day. I didn't know how long or how often so tomorrow we will get him set up at least twice, maybe three times for a few hours.
Shriner's has worked out a little station for Ammon to play on his computer. The hospital doesn't have internet access for patients so they have worked out something for Ammon where he can go in his chair and sit at a little desk and have access to the internet.
Our awesome neighbors, May and Jim Harvey, spent most of the day up here working out a way for us to get wireless internet here in Ammon's room via a cell phone. It works well and that is why we are able to post this. Ammon can read with it, but he can't type because of the position of his head when he is in bed. So now we have the best to two worlds - something for him to do when he is in his chair and something for him to read when he is in bed.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Stir, you look great in your shirt and sitting happily in your chair. You seem to know that you will improve with all of this work, and you seem more than willing to work at it. Good man, and keep up the good work.

Dad Clark

Mike and Adrianne said...

You look great Ammon! I'm so glad to see you up and smiling.

Jennifer said...

Although I've never met you, you look so great Ammon from the previous pictures I saw of you after your surgery! I love your smile. I'm glad you are doing well.