Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gillian's Visit at the Hospital

First we played Disney Scene It was a lot of fun.
Then we watched National Treasure 2 - we didn't watch the whole thing. It was too long before bedtime. I was glad she came up and spent the night with me.
I am doing this entry, Mom isn't.
And now I have 19 pounds on my head. It feels ok.


Melanie Linford said...

Wow, Ammon, we have been reading your blog. I can't believe that you have 19 pounds on your head. You are doing awesome and your blog is great! Say hi to your Mom.
Melanie Linford

Mike and Adrianne said...

Hey Ammon! You look so happy and tall in your pictures. Mom said you can use your hands a lot better now. Maybe you should always have weights on your head... ;) We love you.

Jess and Jen said...
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Papa Doc and the Duke said...

He had a tough day today. We are watching him carefully because there seems to be quite a bit of discomfort when they move him now from the bed to the wheelchair. He keeps saying his neck hurts. Perhaps they will have to back off on the weights, but neurologically he seems ok.
He was extremely emotional today which is very unusual. He cried a lot and it made me sad to leave him. I will be going back up tomorrow morning until Monday.
I know that he is very, very homesick. He longs to be home - so do we. We miss him at home - it's so weird to walk past his bedroom and not see him in there.
He is more than half-way through now. Two weeks from tomorrow and then the final surgery! Ten days to two weeks at PCMC and we're home. One more month. We're almost there.

Michelle said...

19 pounds on your head, wow, that's incredible. You are doing a great job putting up with all that. Wish we could visit you. We are thinking about you and reading your blog.

Michelle and Jason

Jeni said...

Wow! 19 pounds on your head? Do you get headaches? I'm proud of you and it is good to see you typing your entry! That's great.
Jeni Scott (Potter)

Jillywilly said...

Ammon, I had so much fun sleeping over at the hospital with you! You forgot to mention that we played Uno too. remember?! Well, I love you! I will come visit soon.
Love, Gilly