Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recreation at Shriner's

My turn, Dad! Jess & Lauren having fun on a wheelchair accessible playground behind the hospital.
Jess & Jen brought their girls up to play and visit Ammon on Saturday night. We took them out to the playground and they all had a really great time. Here is (right to left) Lauren, Leah & Abby.

Even Jen got in the action as Leah twirls her around!

Trisha was also up here. She brought some movies and goodies and we had a movie afternoon, watching "Nim's Island," which is great fun!

We discovered that Abby is an absolute monkey!
Jess & Ammon playing on the chimes - it's addictive, believe me! It sounds soothing and great and Ammon will play them for a long time.We go outside several times a day to break the monotony. I love to play these things myself! There is a little part in the playground where there is an ambulance - it is built into a wall and on one side it's painted to look like an ambulance. On the other side is a steering wheel. Ammon found it and had a great time pretending to be an ambulance driver (without the sirens, of course) and he took each one of us to a different hospital with different wounds. Who knew he could pretend so well???! He can reach things and has free hands for a change so he can play, pretend and participate more fully. He doesn't seem to mind "hanging" by his head at all.

There are drums and he can even reach these to play. I want a playground like this in my yard!!

Keri & Devin Minson came up early Saturday and stayed for a couple of hours. They played in the large activity room and then we set up Play Station where the boys played a game of basketball. (SUU whipped BYU in this game!)

Look at the concentration on Dev's face as he is trying to beat his mom in ping pong. Mom won so I guess it's "Girls rule, Boys drool!"

Devin, Ammon & Keri


Mike and Adrianne said...

What a great day Ammon! I'm sad we can't come and play too. The boys would LOVE that playground.

Jess and Jen said...

Ammon, you are a great ambulance driver. My "broken ankle" has completely healed! We sure had a lot of fun visiting with you last night!


chelsey said...

Boy Ammon! It sounds like you're on vacation!! Glad you're having lots of fun and friends!

Jeni said...

Hmmmm, are you going to want to leave Shriner's? Wow! They have the coolest stuff! Can I come play? ;-). By the way, I changed my pictures and I now look like Tinkerbell! I hope you like it.
Luv, Jeni Scott (Potter)

Krista said...
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Krista said...

Okay, I just left a comment but will try again because when I read it there were so many typos you wouldn't know what I was saying. Anyhow, I am Kristina (Pierson) Karp and was int he ward when your husband was Bishop (my dad Emil--the loud guy). I love reconnecting to people and was thrilled when Jeni told me about your blog. We adopted a child that we found out has neurological condition that require hopsitalizations and lots of therapies. She will develop epilepsy in the next year and can't speak, but is sweet and loving. I am amazed you had 10 kids and have the engery to keep up with Ammon and all since (at 44) I feel like I have so very little at my age. I loved seeing a picture of the Bishop and would love to see a picture of you and your kids. Here is my blog:

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Hey, Jeni - you can come play any time you want! Ammon loves company and so do Jim and I - it gets quite boring for us because he's the one that gets to dictate the TV show or movie, etc., etc.
And to Kristina - I remember you and your family well. Thanks for the comments. Best of luck with your little one - it is definitely a journey you could never describe unless you have taken it but what a sweet joy fills your heart with the blessings that come to your family through efforts in behalf of that child who draws you in so completely with their love.

Team Clark said...

Hey - it looks like that place is a lot of fun! Glad there are fun things for you to do there.
We love and miss you, Ammon!
-Amy, Henry and Ella

Michelle said...

That playground looks so fun. My children would love it. I'm glad that they have something that cool there for you to enjoy.