Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to Pass the Time Away

Ammon is holding a great pillowcase that Mrs. Gordon made for him representing the kids in his "Remembering School." He was so happy to see Mrs. Gordon and her daughter, Annie.
Lance & Nancy playing a mean game of ping pong. Ammon caught a couple in his face but didn't mind at all -- he thought it was pretty funny.

The Horton Family -- these are the guys that made that wonderful quilt!

More Hortons!
This is where Ammon loves to go to play on his computer. The hospital set up an area where he can hook his computer up, set it up on a desk and go to town. He doesn't want me to stay with him so I leave him to his own devices. He can't seem to find his way back to his room when he's on his own, however, so we have to keep telling him to look at the signs (exit, patient rooms, etc.) in order for him to find his way. He gets lost at his own school sometimes, too. This hospital is confusing even for me because so much of it is built around circles and if you don't get off on the right "exit" you just keep going around and around.


Jess and Jen said...

Man, in all the times I've been to the hospital to see him, I've yet to see him in his chair!

And Lance got a haircut, I see! -Jess

debbie may said...

Ammon - I can see why you love that special computer set-up they have available for you! That's how you work on your tan, isn't it buddy? Well you'll not only have that great hat (halo) on the next time I come visit but we can compare tan lines too! Mine is definitely a "garden mom's" tan.
Always so glad to read about you everyday & hear how well you are doing! LOVE - Sister May

chelsey said...

That's really cool they set up a spot for you to use the computer. I sure wish we could come and visit. I'm glad so many other friends and family have been able to visit though. Were you the score keeper for Lance and Nancy's ping pong game? Who won? I bet it was Nancy! Anyway, I'm glad to see you're getting up and around.